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Discussion on: I made a portfolio generator for developers - feedback appreciated!

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Mridu Bhatnagar

I am yet to try it out. But, kudos for the idea and the product that you have built. Especially for the folks who don't have any design knowledge. An application that provides the design and only edits are needed is really helpful.

I myself was trying to code from scratch and built the portfolio. While I was able to code but the real challenge is the UI/UX. An application of this sought helps. :)

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Emile Paffard-Wray Author

Thanks Mridu, this is largely the problem I'm trying to solve. Portfolio sites are a good way to show off your work but most developers don't have the design skills or the time to pull it off to a high standard, evenif their projects show that they can code to a high standard.

This is all teaching me a lot more about design too, which is something I really enjoy but I'm still learning UI/UX too.