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A short introduction to SQL

We currently live in a world that revolves around data, which is why we have seen new areas of employment such as DataStack (Data Science, Data Engineering or Data Analyst) and most importantly, these areas use a language that has come Using since the 70's.


It is a programming language created to interact with database management systems, as well as manipulate data and manage these systems. It is worth mentioning that each database manager implements it differently from other managers but they use certain things in common since it is stipulated in ANSI (it is an implementation standard for the SQL language). SQL is among the most used programming languages around the world.

Why use SQL?

  1. It is used in different areas of engineering such as web or data development.

  2. It is within the Data Science Stack together with Python and R.

  3. If we compare SQL with Excel and Access (tools that allow working with data) SQL has the advantage that it has no limits when working and storing data, this is because Excel has a limit of rows and Access the limit of tables and amount of data. Of course SQL will have limitations and these will depend on the Hardware where the database engine is running.

Final Words

I hope that by reading this article you get motivated and try to learn this language and above all learn to answer your questions using SQL, for which I will leave you some links to different resources to learn SQL.


  1. The ones I recommend the most (paid)
    1.1 Learning SQL, 3rd Edition (Orreily)
    1.2 Practical SQL, 2nd Edition

  2. Free Resources
    2.1 Learn SQL in 60 minutes
    2.2 Learn SQL

  3. Plattforms
    3.1 Codecademy
    3.2 Datacamp

If you have other resources for the community, don't forget to leave them in the comments.

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