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Top Tips For Starting A Successful Blog

mrdanishsaleem profile image Danish Saleem Updated on ・2 min read

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Blogging is a great way to share knowledge and grow your online network. Here are some of my top tips to help you start and maintain a successful blog.

Start with content

The first step is content - not setup!
The content you choose to share on your blog is the reason people will visit it. Spend some time and decide what kind of content you will be posting.

It's also useful to prepare at least 2 posts (even just drafts) before you start.

Set a schedule

Once you know the type of content you'll be creating, decide on how often you will post.

Having a clear schedule will help you stay organized but also help your returning visitors. If they know your schedule they will know when to come back for new content.

Pick a platform

Now that you have a plan you need to pick a platform. There are many online blogging platforms that allow you to get blogging straight away.

Alternatively, you can create your own website to host your blog. For developers, I recommend this option because it gives you more control over your blog.

Start with MVP

If you choose to build your own site, start by building the minimum viable product. If you are just starting out with a handful of posts you don't require as much functionality as an established blog so don't waste your time creating it.

Build what you need to get your content out there and you can add features as your blog grows.

Spend time on SEO

Make sure you optimize your posts for search engines so people can find your content organically. Without this on one will you find your blog!

Also don't forget to add social cards so there is a preview of your posts when they get shared on social media.

Generate interest

Before launching try to generate some interest in your blog so that people will want to check it out when it's live.

Also, if you create content elsewhere try to have something extra to go alongside that on your blog to encourage people to got to it.

Stay consistent

Growth on a personal blog can be slow, especially if you build your own site but staying consistent is crucial.

If you put the effort in, over time you can grow your blog to be really popular and successful.

PS: If you have any additional tips, share them in the comments.

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