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Coursera Financial Aid

mrdanishsaleem profile image Danish Saleem ・1 min read

Coursera offers financial aid to students who cannot afford the fee I know of several people who applied, got approved and were able to take the course and earn a certificate.

Here are a few rules & tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make an application over 1500 words, it will be a reject if it's under that.

  2. Review process can take up to 15 days

  3. Do not signup for a free trial while application is under review. Application will get canceled if you do.

  4. If your application is rejected, coursera will share a reject reason. You can address the reason and apply again.

  5. The application is per course. E.g. if a certificate has 5 courses, you will have to apply 5 times.

  6. Not all courses have financial aid available

  7. If approved, you will be auto-enrolled in the course.

  8. Lastly, be ethical and only apply if you can't afford to pay on your own. This could be life changing for someone so don't take their spot if you can afford it.

For more details visit this link:

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