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Discussion on: Is Uncle Bob serious?

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A quick note on Uncle Bob and women.
I went to his blog and read everything I could find on what he says about women.
Every thing he says is positive about women in the programming field. He points out we need more women in the field. When he started, the ratio was close to 1:1. Now it is heavily weighted towards men, and he is very concerned.
Has he made mistakes with jokes at the expense of women? Yes, and he fully accepts responsibility and has apologized. Quite frankly, it would be difficult to find a man who has not. We men, myself included, still have a way to go in how we show respect to women.

I know I have been pushing robotics in this discussion as a vector for kids into STEM. The thing is. if you goto a robotics competition, you will find boys and girls are about 50/50. There is pretty good research that shows the need to get girls into STEM at the 4th grade or the window closes quickly.
If you watch the Hidden Figures movie, it is clear men built the hardware, but women got us to the moon. The leader of the computer in the LEM was a woman, who pioneered fundamental principles of CS. That system was fundamental to the mission success.
Many of us have daughters or nieces. We need to make sure we support them to be strong and be bold. Remind them boys are stupid about girls, and not be discouraged. We need to teach our sons to respect girls.
My family marries and spawns strong women, and we are stronger for it.
As an industry, we cannot afford to ignore half of the brain power in society. As a society, it is foolish to mistreat and belittle half the population. We need to be better.