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Discussion on: Hey CodeLand! We're HarperDB and we make data management easy throughout your coding journey!

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Aubrey Fletcher

Hi! Just was wondering, what versions of SQL are used here? At my job, we use Oracle SQL.

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Jacob Cohen Author

Hi Aubrey! We follow ANSI SQL standard for all of our operations. Our SQL is all DML (Data Manipulation Language): SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Check out our SQL Features Matrix for more detail. There are little intricacies between various SQL flavors, but the concepts should all be applicable in HarperDB! 😃

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Sam J

Hey Aubrey! If you're interested in learning a bit more about our SQL implementation, you should check out this article about how we use AlaSQL in our internal SQL parser -

It also includes a link to a recording of a recent event we held with the two devs who manage the AlaSQL project!