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M. Alexandre J-S William ELISÉ
M. Alexandre J-S William ELISÉ

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ANNOUNCEMENT - Joomla! 4.x Web Services Api Code Examples Solving Common Scenarios

For ready-to-use, commented, short Joomla! Web Services Api code solving common use cases, here is the repo:

If you are a Joomla! developer or want to become a Joomla! developer there is a new resource for you The Official New Joomla! Manual

If you are eager to learn more about Joomla! Web Services and want to play around with them using ready to use short examples, sample code and experiments this repo is for you. The examples are intentionally short with comments and for common scenarios and use cases. So even a non-developer could follow along.

If this code is useful to you, spread the Joomla! love and give it a star on GitHub: Star

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