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Discussion on: Bug or Not a Bug?

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Eric King

It's a fairly subjective topic, but my take as a software developer is:

  • If it's in production and it's not working as designed, it's a bug (though I usually call it a defect; I don't use the word "bug" because it has too much baggage)
  • If it's in production and working as designed, it's not a bug
  • If the design was flawed, or if the design is outdated, that doesn't make it a bug

To me, a bug represents production software that's not working as designed. A design flaw or outdated design is not a bug.

In reality though, the distinction is not very meaningful, since any production code that isn't working per current requirements needs to be fixed, right? Or at least put in a priority queue to fix.

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Neto Hog Author

I agree with your point of view! This topic came up today because I was defining exactly in which queue (bug or not bug) the problem should go to be fixed.

Thanks for sharing! 👍