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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v57

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Michael Puckett

That is quite a path! I was lucky like you to have a computer as a child. I liked BASIC and Visual Basic. I would love to password protect a silly program and have people try to “hack” it. 😄

What kinds of things did you build as a kid?

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Kristof Soomers

Thanks for your reply!

As a kid I started with a simple calculator for windows 3.1. I have always had a passion for the combination of backend operations combined with an easy-to-use frontend. Even as a kid, although I did not knew what it meant.

Later on I made small text-based games. When I switched to web development I made a platform for athletes to find their match results automatically (in The Netherlands there is/was no true centralized platform that offered all your personal results across multiple games). That attracted about 5k monthly active users. After which my lack of knowledge (as a teenager) of infrastructure and devops came to light. So I killed the platform and began to focus on small automations for me personally.