Discussion on: Make it Accessible: Alphabet Board with Angular and RxJs

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Michael Puckett

This is a cool idea. Kudos for thinking inclusively while watching such an enthralling show :)

You mentioned this isn’t necessarily compliant. For inclusion on a normal webpage it might not be the best option. ARIA is mostly declarative rather than interactive so that any number of user agents can process the intent. There is an accessibility option in iOS called Switch Control that users can set up to scan any area of the screen and then trigger a switch tied to some kind of input, including head movement, and I believe there are add ons for other OSes that work similarly. So using the keyboard without it moving automatically would work fine for them. Setting up the keyboard to move automatically might make selection more difficult for those people, and also would cause a lot of noise and require quick timing for screen reader users.

I think as a standalone app it would be really useful for people who don’t have access to Switch Control etc.

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Daniel Marin Author

Thanks for your comment! Although this isn't precisely the best option, its a fun way to talk about inclusion. I would love to get this to the next level to actually help people, so far it was just a fun experiment.

Let me know if you would like to work on it