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My views may be a little bias but I totally agree. The cost benefit analysis of university just isn't worth it. For employers or employees. You mention bootcamps in the comments as a good fast track, but your right that they alone cannot produce a well rounded developer. However ultimately I think that is the responsibility of the industry. If a bootcamp can provide coding skills, teamwork IMG experience and real software methodologies such as agile, and the graduates can then go in to work for a supportive company with mentoring senior Devs, this is surely the best solution for everyone.

This is precisely the model I have created at Mayden Academy in England. We train small teams of 8 students in software development, teaching them coding, agile and teamworking through project based learning. They then go on to work for one of our industry partners as a junior developer where they receive continued support and training from us and their dev team. We are very selective about the companies we work with to ensure our students have the right environment to flourish as developers. It also means we have a 100% success rate.

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