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Discussion on: Next phase of separation of job titles in web development

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Michael Petito

Why JavaScript Engineer but not CSS Designer? The languages / tools used seem less important to the title.

SPAs and microservice architecture moved some of the frontend development from the server into the browser. I don't think it has really changed the role of backend development at all (microservice architecture is just another tool for a backend developer).

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Vladimir Jovanović Author • Edited on

This is a valid question.

My answer is - CSS still isn’t that complex to require a dedicated occupation, but I have no doubt that it will get there some day, maybe sooner that anyone expects. JS is still required for presentational purposes, animations and DOM manipulation, so this title wouldn’t be accurate.

Think of it from another angle as well. Modern JS developers, ones I wrote about, like to solve EVERYTHING through JavaScript. CSS in JS, HTML in JS... everything in JS. Some of them clearly think that JS is a tool for everything. That is causing more harm than good, because it adds more unnecessary complexity to development and it prevents us from using established tools for those processes. The first group doesn’t like that at all ;)

Just imagine what will happen when web assembly comes into mainstream front-end. THE PAAAAAIN! :D

Division is clear.

IMHO, I think that we will be less exhausted from each other if we make a clear line between these two. We would be more productive with this division since everyone would do the job they like.

If someone likes to do both, great! But in time, it will be harder to keep up in the same way it is hard to keep up with being a web designer or full stack developer.