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Discussion on: The hidden cost of “don’t reinvent the wheel”

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Listen no one should have to take a stance on what is best

  1. write your own code
  2. use someone else's code.

You have to choose based on what is best for the project.

I have literally watched a coworker write code for the exact functionality that was already in a plugin, because he believes that his code is always better, he did no research to see what was already created.

Now, here is what I think people should do. Read the darn opensource code. if it has what you need, use it. If it makes more sense to write your own because the original is too bloated, do that. Heck, even go as far as to take the pieces of opensource code that you need.

.... but under no circumstances choose option 1 solely because you "think" your code is always better. Because until your code has been tested, you can't back up that claim

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Steve Belovarich Author • Edited

Yes, ego needs to be taken out of the equation. I coded a library but do you see me trying to convince others at work to use it? No. It’s irresponsible. It becomes a problem when anyone suggesting something different is branded irresponsible, they are “reinventing the wheel”. It’s a catchphrase at that point, nothing more. I’m not saying this happens everywhere, but it’s a political game that happens at companies.