Mercatus : feeling down :(

mouadbnl profile image Mouad Benali ・1 min read

Today is the third day of working on my project, I was not able to write anything because I spend the whole day trying to work on some sort of a UI library for Mercatus, so I made a new module and tried to learn as much as possible about Laravel components, and it was a success for a newbie like me. Then I attacked the beast, Laravel livewire, I just started reading about it recently and everyone seems to like it, I kind of understands why it's a cool tool, what I like about it the most is that it keeps all the logic in the server, and it renders everything in the server, which is something I always tired to have using Vuejs and Laravel, but it always required some weird setup, I didn't like running JavaScript from php.
Anyways, that was everything I have done in the morning, I was well motivated, and worked for like 5 to 6 hours, in the evening however, I discovered something pretty depressing, an opensource project called shopware made by two Germans developer, it has everything I wanted for mercatus, and it was a bit more sophisticated in the level of design, also allows you to use twig as a template engine, which is similar to blade, I didn't dive deep into it but I'm willing to, might give it a try, and test it's performance.


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