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Python Business Idea: What You Must Do If You Know Python

Besides the fact that Python is one of the most in-demand languages globally, so it can be a great language to get a job, everyone can try many other easy business ideas.

You might do a job, or you have just finished the language and thinking to start working on it. In whatever circumstances you are, the following startup idea will worth your time.

Let’s start with the story, how I discovered that Python could be highly beneficial for any developer as a side business and as a full-time business.

I was researching web development business ideas, and I realized that many people make some handsome money without much effort, even with a single language.

Many developers are teaching Python on YouTube, and there are millions of views on each video.

web design search volume - Ahref Tool

Let’s see how much beneficial it could be to start a YouTube channel to teach Python.

Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube was started back in 2005, it was an entertaining platform, but that’s an older thing.

People have literally changed in the last two decades. For instance, they moved from Yahoo to Google and Facebook.

So they moved to YouTube.

It did not remain an entertaining platform and became the second largest search engine with the largest content data.

The monetization of video gave people a huge opportunity to become self-employed.

To make a long story short, it’s has become th biggest opportunity to help people solve their problems. But solving problems won’t be for nothing. It will give you huge benefits in return.

And as Python has been a highly in-demand language, if you simply teach pretty easy things on your YouTube channel that you start, it will be highly paying.

The question might arise in your mind: How can it be highly beneficial to start a YouTube channel?

The reason is that RPM and CPC for this language are pretty high.

python tutorial keyword cpc
CPC of Keyword Python Tutorial - It's huge.

Secondly, all those learning Python are not ordinary users. They are premium users; many of them will buy apps for development like MockPlus or Adobe Dreamweaver. And some will be interested to learn it hard from your premium course.

For example, someone I trusted recommended me Rapidload for my blog, and I just purchased it without any hesitation.

The third income source for your channel will be sponsors; once you build an audience, you will simply get dozens of opportunities to make sponsored videos.

Thus, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, the YouTube business could be your biggest side-business that will make you self-employed pretty soon.

Your channel will be your asset. Each video you make will be the property of your channel, so if you even make fewer videos, once the effect will be the compound effect.

How much will it cost to start your channel?

If you made your mind to your channel, the next question surely be the startup cost. It won’t be a high amount of channel.

Let’s accumulate it.

  1. You need a laptop for your startup. Indeed you must already have one, but if you don’t have one, then you can get it for under $500. Here are the best fastest laptops under 500 dollars.
  2. Become YouTube Master in a day. It will cost you $15 - almost free. You can pick any course from Udemy. I got this one for you.

So overall, it will be a total of $15 investment if you already have a laptop; otherwise, it will be up to $500.

That’s not a big deal because, in return, you will be making thousands of dollars a month.

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Good article. In addition I'd like to add that good mic and cam are a plus. Also hiring someone to edit your videos or editing yourself can make you stand out of the crowd.