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Best 5 Startup Ideas For Developers And Programmers

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startup ideas for developers

We can't survive without cash so everyone has to struggle for it. Some go for jobs, and some do business but everyone has to work somehow. Developers have two options, either to go for a job or choose to start a business.

Starting a business should be ones’ ultimate goal and one can start working on it anytime. Even kids, there are some practical businesses for kids that they can start in the early ages. But, I am never against doing jobs.

Because a job is a place where you learn and grow. If you're a new developer who hasn't worked with companies then it's far better to work for them because they will teach you in a year that you will learn in a decade yourself.

But if you're done with doing jobs, and now you have realized that you should give yourself a chance to start your startup, then here are some easy-to-start startup ideas for you.

Before we get started, let me guide you on a significant business tip. According to Sturdy Business, 45% of the new businesses fail in the first 4 years, and the primary reason for the failure is lack of knowledge.

Once you are ready to start your business, it's far better to learn to start an online business from an expert. There could be many things to consider even before you start your business.

Let's explore easy-to-start startup ideas for developers/programmers now. And if you are in web development specifically, there are 9 unique web development startup ideas, you must read.

Start a software house

If you can create software, then it's a great opportunity for you to start a software company. The advantage is that you alone can start with even at your home, it will be a sole proprietorship company. Later on, once you're getting more offers, you can hire others to join you.

You should keep in mind that great things take time, and hence, it will take a little time to grow and get clients organically, but if you do it properly, you will become a leading company in your industry.

Create a cryptocurrency

Many things have changed with time. Years ago, Gold and Silver had been currencies of the world, and later on, paper currency replaced it. Now the cryptocurrency market has become the world's largest company in terms of investments.

That means people have realized that Crypto is the future currency of earth.

If you are a developer, you have a great chance to create a cryptocurrency for yourself or for someone else. It won’t take much time to understand how to do it. A friend of mine created it easily.

But, creating it for others could be a great option because in crypto - it's not only introducing a currency, surely you can do that easily - but many other things. You can’t handle everything alone until you have separate investments for your company.

So there are two options, either to find people who could market your currency, and give it security, etc or do it for companies, both methods work.

Technical writer

If you're a developer and you are good at writing naturally. It's a great opportunity to become a technical writer. Technical writers are those who help people understand complex programs and software.

It’s not over yet.

Companies spend billions of dollars on content marketing each year so you could be an asset for companies, as a co-worker. You can start a marketing company where you shall produce content for them.

On the other hand, technical writers are in high demand on freelancing platforms, it’s great to start with. Once you work with some companies, surely you could build long-lasting relationships with companies that will help you grow your business massively.

Start your own blog

Frankly speaking, it's one of the best businesses that I believe everyone can start easily. I don't want to exaggerate that as you will start your blog today, you will start earning from it. But it's a fact that sooner or later, you will find a reason to quit your job.

The reason behind my strong belief is that as you keep working on your blog, it becomes your long-lasting asset that never ends.

I recently received an email from an Asian blogger, who is generating $10,000 dollars a month from his blog. That’s a huge amount.

Before you give it a shot, please, keep in mind, as becoming a developer or programmer, took your time learning it, blogging has also its basics to learn.

Don't get in it without learning the basics of it. 

For example, every blogger needs to understand SEO (search engine optimization), surely, it won't be harder for you because you're already good at many things. But other than technical SEO, On-Page SEO has its significance.

On-page will take your week to become master of it, so if you go for it, it won’t stop you keep growing.

YouTube vLog

Back in 2005, YouTube was started as an entertainment platform. No one knew that it would become the biggest visual search engine in the world with the largest database.

Now people Youtube many things, especially technical things. So as you're good at technical things, you can start your channel where you can discuss software, and many other complex stuff.

Even laptops affiliates are one of the best affiliates that you can start on your channel. You can review the best laptops on your channel, and it will soon be getting traffic. This can bring you a lot of money by monetizing your content.

Top 3 ways to earn from Youtube videos are, Adsense, and affiliate links, or sponsored videos.

But once again, Youtube has also its pattern to rank videos for search queries. Once you're ready to jump in, give it a little time to understand the basic things.

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jankapunkt profile image
Jan Küster

Please do not create more cryptos, half of them are a ponzi-schema, the environmental impact is a disaster and scalpers destroy the hardware markets.

If you want make an impact with crypto start studying mathematics or computer science and please improve cryptocurrencies so the above mentioned issues are finally eradicated and cryptocurrencies can unfold their real potential.

motivatedman profile image
motivatedman Author

I appreciate that. I have also lost money in Crypto but serious people should get into it.

apostoins profile image
apostoins • Edited

The ideas are great because all of them already work. Some of them aren't so hard to realize, for example, starting a blog or a YouTube vlog. The hardest thing in blogging is to keep working until you become popular. For other ideas like starting a software house, you will need money for the beginning. If your idea is excellent, I think that you can easily find investors. There are a lot of people that can help you find them. For example,, already helped a lot of great ideas to find grants and investors