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re: Don’t say negative things in an interview VIEW POST

re: I wish I would get on board with your message (and I would have in the past), but there are so many things that are red flags for me. Lemme try t...

An issue is that you aren't interviewing only for your team, you're interviewing to be part of a company as whole. If I'm hiring you, I want to know that you can interact with everybody in the company.

But here's a real problem in your position. Your answer is articulate and reasoned. You had the option of going on a tirade, yet chose to be neutral and collected. My guess is that you behave similarly in an interview. That is, my advice is probably not useful to you.

Many candidates have a problem keeping their cool, or are not that articulate. They need a reminder to stay in control. If one's social skills are not top notch, then it's worth erring on the side of caution.

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