re: How do you feel about chasing internet points, badges and the gamification of everything? VIEW POST

re: This a good point, however, doesn't that remove the value of the actual work? Whether a user has a lot of badges or not, wouldn't well-written post...

wouldn't well-written posts and engaging authors naturally attract readers and commentors?

The answer is unfortunately no. Refer to my article on the internet lottery Were the internet not so punishing, then perhaps the badges might not feel as much like grinding. But for a lot of people the 16-week badge could very well mean 16 articles with zero feedback -- even if the quality is good. :(

On dev.to I've not done the one liner responses, but on other platforms I have. Snark and cynicism is often as rewarded, if not more, than quality content. This is why gamification must be treated carefully, to understand what is really being encouraged.

I'm just providing more thinking points. I'm not really disagreeing with you.

I appreciate that. However, I took a brief peek at that linked article. Doesn't seem like there are actually any sources listed?

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