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Cloudy with chances of EPIC @ Flink Forward Global 2020

Update: the recordings for Flink Forward Global 2020 are now available on Youtube! πŸŽ₯

Rain or shine...

... October in Berlin means one thing: Flink Forward. For the second time this year, we're hosting a virtual conference for the Flink community (old and new!) to mingle, share and learn about the latest in Apache Flink.

Here's what you can expect:

// Keynotes from Epic Games, LinkedIn, Citigroup, Ververica and Alibaba

// Roadmap updates and deep-dives from the core Flink maintainers

// Live sessions and Q&A with companies like Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest and Stripe

// Interactive coding sessions (incl. a live code contribution to Flink!)

// And, of course, Flink Fest! :beers:

The conference runs from 8:00 PDT/17:00 CEST to 13:30 PDT/22:30 CEST
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Putting together a schedule that maximizes what you can * see is always a puzzling task, so I'll share with you some of the talks I've added to mine!

You can find the complete program on the Flink Forward website.

πŸ‘€ Use Cases

From handling 200 million metrics per second in the virtual backstage of Travis Scott's massive Fortnite concert to powering Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) at scale, this edition brings you some more real-world examples of how far and wide you can take Flink:

Epic Games
Real-Time Metrics at Fortnite Scale

Powering OLAP at Uber using Apache Flink (and Apache Pinot!)

Data science at scale using Apache Flink : Dynamic model serving and real-time feature generation

Sampling and Modelling the World in Real-Time for Mobility

πŸ› οΈ Operations

Lessons learned from teams big and small about running, scaling and maintaining Flink in production. Expect fast-evolving self-service platforms, productionizing Flink on Kubernetes and a whole lot of sessions on creating infrastructure for ML feature generation and model serving:

Zero-downtime upgrades of Flink applications

Streaming, Fast and Slow: Mitigating Watermark Skew in Large, Stateful Jobs

Growing a managed Flink streaming platform from scratch

How We're Democratizing Stream Processing at Zillow

🐍 Ecosystem & Deep-Dives

What's new in Flink? And what's cooking? As usual, a big chunk of the sessions at Flink Forward is dedicated to core Flink updates, where you'll get up to speed with the roadmap vision, the state of the community and the growing ecosystem surrounding Flink:

Flink Ahead: What Comes After Unified Batch & Streaming? + Flink Ahead 2.0: The Sequel

Flink + Pulsar: The Path To Unified Batch and Streaming

Change Data Capture and Processing with Flink SQL

Hands-on Stateful Serverless Applications with Kubernetes and Stateful Functions

See you there! 🍻

* In case you miss a session you really wanted to check out, don't worry: a playlist will be available on Youtube in the weeks after the conference.

Credits: Cover Photo by Shaira Dela PeΓ±a on Unsplash

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