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Advance HTML and CSS ebook available πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


Introduction To Modern Python

Just small correction. Function name does not not make a call...

Top 3 Code Editors you should use (According to your needs)

Try Pycharm. Made exclusivley for python. No need for extensi...

Git Series - Part I

Thanks for sharing. Will follow you. Would like to read more ...

How To Open, Read, Write Files with Python

Thanks for sharing but i would really like to see more than j...

Git Commands Cheatsheet: Advanced (20+ Git Commands Advanced )

Helpful post, would be better with proper formating. Thanks

21 must-read books for kids, beginner, advanced & interview with PDF 🐍

Thanks for sharing

X-Mas Wisher in python

Always happy to find some simple programs and than try to bui...

Thanks for 500 views(in total) + 5 followers

Thanks for content you share. Keep it up!

Python Script to make a Password Generator

Thanks for sharing. I am also learning python and find this e...

9 Python Automation Ideas For Pythonistas

Thanks for sharnig. Those can be great as part of learning jo...

My note-taking process

Few months ago i start learning about shell scripting. Thanks...

An amazing note-taking system with Markdown and Git, Part 2

When more? Thanks for sharing. Will follow.

Writing Bash Scripts Like A Pro - Part 1 - Styling Guide

Thanks for sharing. Will follow and wait for more.

How to learn programming fast

Thanks for sharing. What i like to do is split my learning in...

Start your Open Source Journey with Git

Thanks for sharing. You did a good and helpful guide.

SFTP server in Ubuntu

Thanks for sharing. Trying to connect android phone over Tota...

You Too Can Write Clickbait Headings. Here's How

Good one. Thumbs up. It works for sure. Can someone explain w...