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re: I thought you are joking, but I just checked out your site and looks like you are serious. Bootstrap + JQuery to render 4 f***ing buttons using a ...

Okay, that site is literally something I threw together on my phone at 22:00 and forgot about it lol

I’m going to extract the button styles from the CSS and just use that :D


Also, saying that based on a random 5 minute trash project that I’m a “true frontend developer”, means that any shitty project you’ve done makes you a trash deverloper too.

Eats Popcorn 🍿🍿🍿

Your opinion has reached many angery devs. Good luck kid.

On-Topic: I liked JavaScript to be as a script kiddie(not 12 yr old btw). This was like the best language for newbies because it is lightweight and moved to even harder statically typed languages like C++, Kotlin,Java,Dart, and etc.

Still, you really don't want to jump to any bandwagon or having a single hammer that you liked the most to fit for the job just because it is famous/popular, active community, and job salary.

A nice answer finally! Most of the answers look like nowadays responses on stackoverflow. This is not off topic this is actually on topic: the guy is 13 years old ( if I got this right: document.write(new Date().getFullYear() - 2005); year old programmer.) and is giving a short post on why he likes something were it's ok to point other solutions or negative parts of something that he likes but the trashing ugghhh... It's a nice feature to have on this page "Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community" I like it and hope it prevents becoming like bsoverflow :D

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