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Embedding code in posts

Ben Sinclair on May 31, 2019

As I read articles on here, and on other sites like Medium, I sometimes see people post pictures of their code. Services like Carbon let you paste ... [Read Full]
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When I draft things they look fine in preview. Well, not 100%, previewing liquid tags in comments is a little shaky. But posts look ok to me in draft.

Is it possible that in drafts there are different classes on the page and you have a browser extension that's blocking something?


I'll do triple backticks here:

const testString="Let's see what happens here";

Does that look right for you? Can you try the same in a reply?

  • When replying to a post you can copy in relevant sections of the original code without having to open two browsers side-by-side and do it all by hand.

  • You can paste that code into your own editor and try it out.



Another issue: poor internet connections and images don't mix very well. Being in the 25kb+ just for 400 bytes of code is crazy.

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