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I'm diehard Vim all the way. I think it has the best UX of any editor.

I don't think Vim is an IDE though, and I do think that VScode is a good IDE. In fact, it has one of the best Vim-mode extensions of any IDE I've tried, so it's pretty fun to use. It's not perfect, the Vim-ness isn't that customisable, and it loses out because it's not a console application which is something I value.


You should try out the NeoVim extension if you haven't yet, it's quite a bit better than the normal one.


Looks interesting. I've always avoided neovim, but I think I might give this a shufty.


Is there a colemak fork you know of?

You shouldn’t need a fork as this will use your regular nvim config (or another config if you set that up in the preferences). So if that has Colemak friendly bindings they’ll carry over.

Thanks, I will try it this weekend as I am trying to be more efficient with typing and navigation as a new developer!

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