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Discussion on: 5 things I miss after switching from Windows laptop to MacBookPro.

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Ben Sinclair

1 has been a problem for OSX for a long time. There are a lot of glitches in Mac multi-monitor systems, like:

  • If you have Preview open and drag the window from one monitor to the other, it re-initialises Preview, which means it re-loads the file from disk and re-renders it. This makes no sense, no other app does it.
  • If you set the monitors to behave independetly, you can switch workspaces on either but not drag windows correctly or let them overlap.
  • if you set the monitors to behave together, you can't make an app full screen without turning the other one blank. You know, stuff other OS sorted out a decade or two ago.

2 is solvable to an extent with a combination of workspaces and Spectacle. Spectacle lets you resize, snap and move windows with keyboard shortcuts and is a really useful tool. Workspaces on the other hand... if you set a shortcut to go to a different workspace and that one has no windows open, it's effectively showing your desktop.

3 is an option in the latest versions of MacOS I believe. It works on my MBP now anyway :)

4 is achievable by either using a real ISO keyboard plugged into your mac or a tool like Karabiner to map a different key. I say like karabiner because I'm not certain it works with the latest MacOS, but there are probably tools to achieve it.

Hope any of this helps. I've been using MacOS for donkey's years now and the thing that sets it apart isn't that it's better or worse than anyone else's UI (ok, I lie, it's worse than everyone else's UI) but that it's harder to force it to behave in the way you want as a user.

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Oleksandr Author

3 is an option in the latest versions of MacOS

Cool! I should check it