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I've not really had stability problems with Windows since the days of Windows 95, though I went NT4->2000->XP->10 and barely used Vista, 7 or 8.

I don't think it's particularly good interface - it has elements of XP and of 10, and doesn't know whether it's all about "apps" or "programs"... and I don't like supporting proprietary software. I keep a Windows installation on my desktop for certain games, and that's all it's good for, really. As a host for games, it's great. Now WSL has come along and given us a working shell, it's also passable as a development machine when you use it as a browser/ssh client combo and connect to a real computer.

MacOS is quite similar, but more buggy than Windows. I know a lot of people would disagree with me there, but MacOS is much worse than Windows in terms of usability and glitchiness.

All operating systems are awful, and they're also really difficult to build, so awful is also reasonable.

I've used some linux distro or other (and various BSDs) for longer than I've used MacOS, and the difference is night and day. One system "just works", the other is made by Apple.


I can very much relate to your experience and it's quite similar to mine.
I'm using Windows ever since and recently got the opportunity to work with macos for six months now.

My personal experience so far is that Windows has infact the most sophistictated UI when compared to MacOS and the main Linux contenders (KDE, Gnome, Xfce). MacOS window management is quite sloppy (apps often get stuck in the background and don't regain focus) and as you said MacOS IS BUGGY. Software Installation (especially since 10.15) feels like a mess with tons of security questions and pop ups. I just love the straigthforward approach of Microsoft Windows. When Windows 10 was freshly released, bloatware was a big issue but thank god they heavily decreased the amount of bloatware in recent releases of Windows 10.

Windows also wins when it comes to system speed compared to MacOS, simply compare a clean install boot up and you will be amazed.

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