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This is the first one of these I've tried and I'm a lazy person at best, so I did it in Vim:

let @q=':s/aA\|bB\|cC\|dD\|eE\|fF\|gG\|hH\|iI\|jJ\|kK\|lL\|mM\|nN\|oO\|pP\|qQ\|rR\|sS\|tT\|uU\|vV\|wW\|xX\|yY\|zZ\|Aa\|Bb\|Cc\|Dd\|Ee\|Ff\|Gg\|Hh\|Ii\|Jj\|Kk\|Ll\|Mm\|Nn\|Oo\|Pp\|Qq\|Rr\|Ss\|Tt\|Uu\|Vv\|Ww\|Xx\|Yy\|Zz//g

There are only 52 combinations after all. Takes about 2 minutes (with nohlsearch...)

Stage 2? Eh, my lunchbreak is really for lunch.

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