Discussion on: How do you rate your (a programming language) skill on a scale of 1 to 10?

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Ben Sinclair

Everyone hates these sort of questions. The standard trick is going to be to say "8" or so, because anything over that sounds like you've got a PhD from Dunning-Kruger university, and anything below it is going to make you sound like you're actually terrible because you'd obviously say the highest number you thought you could get away with.

Wait till I get going

I'm decent enough with javascript but I haven't kept up with the newer language additions, let alone the newer frameworks. I'd go with something like 4 or 5, and expect to get questioned about why I was applying for a job when I thought my skill was that poor.

I'd explain how I was aware of the things I didn't currently know, how I was good at picking things up, how I knew a lot of the same concepts from other languages I used... and maybe how I thought that statistic where 70% of people think that they're above average drivers was worth mentioning before we move on to those lovely danish pastries you've got over there and can I get a refill on my coffee please?