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My thoughts on extending the metaphor:

There is a very high probability that in the future you will sell or otherwise pass on the apartment to someone else, at which point you will have become so accustomed to the cardboard that you don't even notice it anymore. Either they will ask you about it or they will assume it's because of something worse, like it's covering up a broken window and come winter there will be a lot of damp around.

If YAGNI and you don't bother covering the window, should you feel it's your responsibility to point out the flaw in the apartment to then next occupiers or will you assume that they're smart enough, observant enough and have enough free time to notice it themselves?

If you were applying for a job in construction, would you feel comfortable using this as an example of how you'd overcome a problem?

I'm not thinking of any particular answers, just adding bits :)

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