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Discussion on: Why start using TailwindCss in 2021

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Ben Sinclair

That's not how people use it; people do it the Bad Way in the example. Yes, you can use these to make up base rules, and that's fine to be fair, but it's the same as using something like Sass or Less with mixins, which people were doing for a decade before Tailwind appeared.

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Liam Edwards

Personally I think Tailwind is great for smaller websites and SPAs in particular. I've only started using it recently in building my personal website and I'm a fan of it.
For my work, we have large stylesheets that become messy and cluttered and as much as I would love them to be clean, I know that's not easily achievable. While I haven't had to do it yet, I think maintaining Tailwind would be a lot simpler than a bunch of CSS styles that possibly overlap.