re: Who's interested in a Svelte/Sapper course based on a real world web app? VIEW POST


I would love to have one of those beautiful courses you are talking about. Could also include GraphQL with mongodb in the back? Users account management, like signup, login, forgot password and the alike without firebase (using instead the same mongodb mentioned before)? Just to give an idea... user management is something we often have in applications, and something like your suggested course could help create a comprehensive boilerplate for future projects. Thank you very much in advance!!


Hi, thanks for your interest and the additional details of what you're looking for.

I decided to start with a hands-on book that teaches everything from git init to running a web application in production. Its current working title is Cloud Native Web Development. I'm about half way through writing the book and once published, will release ebooks to substitute technologies I use in the book. For example, the book will cover Firebase, but I will publish an ebook afterwards where I replace Firebase with MongoDB.

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