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Discussion on: Apply to all jobs, job postings are not realistic anyway.

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I came to this article by random read suggestions from Google attracted by the title that seemed to reflect my feelings about the job market, although as designer i am in a different vocation field thus connected with developing. Reading on everything though seem to match in identical analogies. I had been working as a graphic and web designer for around 17 years for the same company that went downhill though and recently had to abandon. Seeing the inevitable coming I have been applying though to countless places since 2015 with no luck so far.... My wish has been that i would for ONCE meet a hirer with your mentality. Learning stuff is extremely motivating and interesting for me, i give it all when it comes to learn and create in a new design related ecosystem, and i know i can offer a lot as i have been offering for the same employer for almost two decades. No one so far though appreciates as hirable my deep and solid sense and perception ability regarding design principles and mentality gained by talent and experience, ready to dive head on in any new or different way / means of applying them onto.

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

Hey, I am sorry to hear that I really hope you get some luck and find a job real soon. Indeed it seems very strange how the marketplace is setup right now. I would suggest you though going to meetups or interact with other designers and see if there is something you re missing in the current marketplace, since you have been working for the same company for such a long time maybe they can give you insights on how your portfolio should look like or how to properly setup your behance or exactly what recruiters are looking for right now. Maybe even consider not applying for jobs around your city, there is tons of jobs out there for remote designers, my wife is currently working remotely as a designer for a startup in Germany.