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Discussion on: What’s an unpopular software opinion you have?

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MONKIN • Edited on

Don't get me wrong, I love using tmux on remote machines, but for local development, it is just too many keystrokes to execute something and session restoration isn't worth it. I moved to iTerm2 Nightly (soon 3.3) to get a status bar, split panes in which I can quickly move by using cmd + hjkl, advanced scripting, window arrangements and many more. There's no need to tmux plugins like tmuxinator or vim-tmux-navigator.


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Ben Lovy

Gotcha, thanks for the response! Looks like a good solution, I agree no plugins is preferable to plugins. Do you know of any Linux alternatives?

I also find myself using session restoration regularly - but that's gonna vary pretty widely by individual I think.

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I've heard that kitty have something like that but never tested.