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Discussion on: Nevertheless, Hiro Thrived

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Monica Stevens

Ok so question for you:

With all of your consecutive health challenges you could have at any point become depressed, given up hope, felt sorry for yourself, accepted that that's just how life would be for you.

But you didn't. Why? What thought process, belief or maybe even fear made you push through?

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Hiro Nishimura Author

Hi Monica! Thanks for your comments! :) I definitely definitely went through those phases, and I still do! Just the last few weeks, I was going through bouts of depression and feeling of "why do I even bother?" when things seem to keep on tumbling downwards.

I think initially, I was ready to give in and just let "life run its course," but felt like I needed to at least give it a try. And if I failed, then I failed, but at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing that I tried. So I moved to NYC against everyone's suggestions. And now, I've gone through so much, and pushed beyond so much that people around me can put an arm around my shoulders and say, "Hey. That doesn't sound like you. You've been through so much but you've accomplished so much." Surrounding myself with people who believe in me and support me have been very important when I'm second guessing myself!

But most likely, the biggest factor for me was to prove the world wrong that being disabled and ill means you can't do anything. So many people have tried to tell me "no, you can't," and I get really riled up by people telling me "no." Hahaha.