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Hello kethmars,
It is awesome that you are taking the time to explain stuff to new people i am so very appreciative of this! Could you please explain the whole git and github thing to me i have no idea what a repository or commit or any of that is.... if i put my work in there does someone have to change it? It is so very confusing.
Christine Marshall


Hey Christine!

Very simply put - Git is a version control system so that you and your teammates could work together efficiently on the same codebase. When I make a change to my code, I can upload it to a remote server where my teammates can track what changes I've made.
Github is just one of the most popular Git service providers.

A very straightforward, no BS tutorial I find useful can be found here:
It's more about how than what.

To understand what is Git and how it works, I found this video to be useful:

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