What Status Page Provider or Project Do You Recommend?

molly_struve profile image Molly Struve (she/her) ・1 min read

Hey everyone!

I am in the process of trying to hook up a status page for DEV so you all can stay up to date on any incidents DEV may have. Of course, ideally, there won't be any since I am here now but gotta be prepared! 😉

What do you use? Do you like it? How much does it cost?

+1 for links
+1 for anything that is open source
+1 for companies that offer open source discounts

Tell me what you think!!!!


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We use this on ExamPro.


It takes 5-10mins to provision and configuration
There is a CloudFormation and you upload and input and you go.
It costs pennies to the point I don't ever have to think about it.


No limitations on features and the number of subscribers/team members/metrics!

That's huge, most status pages limit your subscribers which is always a pain.


Hi there! 👋

My name is Sisir and I'm a software engineer. I had a particular set of issues with the siloed tooling around incident response and started Squadcast to solve this problem. You can use it to replace a bunch of existing tools such as PagerDuty/StatusPage etc. This way, you don't have to maintain two kinds of service definitions and context switch between incident response and Status Page dashboards.

We have an Essential tier that's completely free to use forever. Check out squadcast.com

Examples of status pages

I know it's a plug, but I hope it helps. Here's how to get started - support.squadcast.com/docs/statuspage


Thanks! Definitely worth looking into!


Hi! 👋🏼

We built Oh Dear for this purpose. We’ve got status pages that can auto-update on incidents, allow for manual messages and scheduled maintenance. If you prefer to automate your workflow, we’ve got an API to help you.

Give it a try and I’m happy to answer any question you might have :-)



Couple that I have looked into and would LOVE more details on are:


Have use cachet it's cool and built a third party application for auto updating status on the page. You can check it out here github.com/successtar/cachet-manager


Would your end goal be a Status page that's manually updated by someone every time an incident occurs & on resolution OR 1 that auto-monitors all your service endpoints & sends you alerts (Slack, Email, SMS, Webhooks) in case of failures?


Definitely manual. We had a pretty robust alerting and monitoring system at my previous employer, Kenna, and even then I wouldn't trust it to set a status page. I also think a large part of the status page is explaining what is going on to users. I think that usually needs a human touch bc we can translate what is breaking into understandable terms for those experiencing problems.


I agree about the human touch part to convey key information to users but then it's an overhead for the team that maintains the page since there could be gaps in the process.

On that note, I'd recommend Statping which is open source, easy to build & highly customisable that I deployed at my previous org, Bizongo providing a central dashboard for all internal users (tech/non-tech) to view availability in real-time.


Having automated reports is nice, but of course they should be accompanied by hand written updates.


I am here to learn about that too.Let see what we can do right from here...


Heartbeat? You might know this one I believe ☺️