What It Means To Be A Site Reliability Engineer

Molly Struve on April 17, 2019

I often get asked by people what I do as a Site Reliability Engineer(SRE), so I decided to make a blog post out of it. What is a Site Re... [Read Full]
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I would like to add that Google has 2 free SRE books: landing.google.com/sre/books/

The 1st (Site Reliability Engineering) describes how Google does SRE.

The 2nd (Site Reliability Workbook) describes how others implemented SRE within their organizations.


Oh, I did not know that, thanks for sharing! I will have to check that other one out.


I wish more (all?) Devs would some time in customer support/service. Some of my favorite co workers have come from that background and they kept a great perspective from it.


Agree!!! It really helps you remember that, in most cases, we are building these tools for someone else and their experience matters.


Oh cool! I can see some interesting parallels to architect... Any relations, I have been looking towards architecture because of my love for doing stuff I see them doing but what you described is in a similar wheelhouse of things I love in architecture. If there are relations any suggestions on the career path or course to go and maybe how i can narrow my focus on what i want to head too.


Thank you for sharing this. I can relate to this as a person who joined the team as a developer at the very initial stage and started to own part of it.

I am so attached to the project that I feel like I need to make sure the performance of the product is always reliable.


I read the first few lines of this article, then I said oh it's Molly (with her super-quality content), I pressed like then I continued reading.



Awesome post, I really took some interest in SRE when I was watching a youtube video on DevOps and they were talking a lot about Google's SRE book whenever your heading to DevOps or SRE.


Fabulous post!! I don’t think this field is well understood.


The SRE definition "Developer+" resonated with me.

As a SWE + Infrastructure + Security nerd, I find myself advocating for better security practices to our devs and ops!

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