How To Transition From Sitting to Standing at Work

Molly Struve (she/her) on June 19, 2019

Disclaimer: Despite the benefits I have found from standing while I work you should consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions that mig... [Read Full]
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This is something I've been curious about Molly, as I really like to be active as well. Whether it be running, cycling or just being crazy.

A few hours in an office chair is enough to have a bad effect on breathing and circulation. So a different approach is to grab a gym ball.

I started sitting on a gym ball some time ago and it's also had some really good benefits. On a gym ball your constantly active and engaged.

Core is tensed, back is straight and moving around doesn't require pushing a chair back as the gym ball is less in the way.

Not to mention that bouncing whilst coding has become my favourite pass time!

Bouncy ball


Haha! As long as you don't put it in one of those stupid, purpose-defeating-chairs These totally take away the point of the strengthening the core!


Haha, no way!! That's so funny though :D


Thank you for sharing, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in the last week or so.


Should use a good exercise ball as a chair too. Helps with your core. :)


LOVE IT! I have a gym ball in my office at home and some days if my legs are particularly tired from an active weekend or something I sit on the gym ball.


Yes, the pink is great! :D
I'll definitely be putting some of your tips to use soon.


Coming from my chiropractor, he says sitting or standing has the same effect on your back. It's moving that makes a difference. As long as you get up and go for a walk frequently it's about the same. Standing desks are mostly beneficial for active workers who go back and forth from their desk to somewhere frequently. I work from home and frequently go back and forth from my VeriDesk to my crazy kids. So, standing works for me. Good article!


Oh, thats great to know! Thanks for sharing that insight!


I'm not working sitting, I prefer to lie down and hold a laptop on my stomach. But after your post I will try :) though my workplace will now be like this
my work place

Thank you for post


Gotta make do with what you got 😀


I switched to the standing desk a couple of years ago. After 2 days at home sick because of back pain ( due to workout/climbing), I realized that the pain was ok while standing - so I set up a workstation resembling the picture you have above (card and Ikea boxes). I mentioned that to my boss and I managed to get one proper standing desk in a couple of weeks. Since then I gradually increased the number of hours I could code while standing and I really enjoyed it - I do feel more energised and more productive)
Unfortunately, in the last year, I had a couple of injuries at my ankles/knees (sometimes I think that doing sports is not so healthy for me.. :-) ) so I had to switch back to the sitting position, and then I got a bit lazy. But right now I still try to spend at least a couple of hours of work with the extended table!


So happy to hear someone else who has had my experience! I have had a few riding injuries that have prevented me from standing, those are always rough days 😝


I started with 50/50. Half a day sit and after lunch stand and work. That's good to build the habbit. My experience is exactly like Molly, it's good for digestion, I feel less depressed and more productive when I stand, because I'm more free to move. Initiallyl, always take work calls standing, then find a good extension desk. I use one in the picutre I attached. I put it on my table and adjust it in accordance to eyes. This extension desk is easy to store also because you may dismantle it after work.


I worked at a call center and I had a desk to sit at, but I stood most the time. Couldn't stand being in a chair all day and got restless.

Bonus points meant being able to talk to coworkers if they had down time.


I've always worked in companies without standing desks. In 2018, I moved to a company that provided standing desks(the ones you move up and down with a button) to everyone. It was awesome to work on that place because I had a lower back injury and standing from time to time was a relieved.

I left the company and haven't found any other that provides that kind of desks. They're really good for us as people who spent tons of hours sitting.


Nice! I recently started working from home, which allows me to move around more (and let's be real, stretch or exercise during the day) I am ready to make the switch to a standing desk solution.

I've been eyeing the IKEA adjustable desk. For now, I may try a makeshift solution (sometimes, I stand at my kitchen island) since I have a personal laptop and computer.

I will also stress having supportive shoes or an anti-fatigue mat. I had a standing desk at a previous job, but not matt so I would only stand a few minutes at a time.


Great article!

I found I had a problem with standing and coding, I just felt unbalanced like I always wanted to fall over. Since I've transitioned to working remote, I've been experimenting with different setups to feel less fatigued. Really I just need to keep my shoulders away from my ears.


I might give it a go... but it seems to me that you are pretty fit already! Maybe I need to lose a lot more weight before trying this.
I have that feeling when I am sitting for too long that I wanna run over the place haha. It is not that I am an active person. I like to keep active, however, but I still have an important overweight to get rid of before starting this adventure.


Definitely would be a good idea to talk to a doctor before doing anything but you might be able to work standing into your plan to help you lose weight. Never know! GOOD LUCK!


Nice article!

I have been standing more and more at work since the beginning of the year and I love it! I'm seeing similar benefits to what you describe: I'm generally more awake and alert, my legs and core muscles are getting stronger, and my posture is better and I have fewer body aches.

I didn't know about standing pads, by the way, I must ask my employer about getting one.


Awesome article!

I've been thinking about switching to a standing desk setup at home, but have been wondering about doing a mix of standing and sitting, and the benefits and drawbacks of mixing things up.


Everyone talks about standing, but what about reclining?
Isn't standing for long spans of work worse than reclining (with the caveat that you still must get up sometimes)


Good question, I have never read or heard anything about reclining.


I wish I had first-hand reclining experience, but the AltWork price keeps growing. RIP


I stand for ~40% of my day and have one of these desks, it's really nice.


Compression socks! I never would have thought of this!


I've yet to try this one, but it seems like a neat option in order to make the switch to a standing desk: deskmate.co/


Lol, this is quite interesting..

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