Describe Your Job With a GIF!

Molly Struve on December 12, 2018

HAPPY Hump Day!!! Thought this might be something fun to do to break up the week. What GIF would you use to describe your job and why? Here is the... [Read Full]
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HAHAHA I was waiting for someone to pull out an IT Crowd GIF. Such a good show!


Can't argue with that. It is one of my all time favourite shows. :)


XKCD Good Code flowchart

I have dozens of these in my head, each for a different aspect of an app.


Going to have to bend the rules and use two GIFs to cover all use cases.

Any client facing developer will feel this when going through ridiculous, nonsensical amends.




Sometimes you are and then other times, 2 days later, "No, really, this time I am close!" 😂


what would you say you do here?

This would be mine. Not a lot of devs to work with and they’d be the only ones to get what I do.


GREAT movie!!! The guys I work with got me to watch it for the first time last year, not I constantly pull PR GIFs from it.


Do you remember the name of the movie? I have never seen and am curious to watch it


I can hear him saying the line in my head... I nearly spit coffee on my monitor when I saw this. 😂


BAHAHAHA I have never seen this one and I love it!


Watching the barely-ordered chaos as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer at a startup.



Me, when the Sales Guy emails saying he hasn't seen his order processed, and it's because I'm fixing a bug.

Nothing To See Here


Sorry I'm a bit late but this post is amazing!

Graphic designer meme

Graphic designer meme

Graphic designer meme

Graphic designer meme

And my favorite:

Graphic designer meme


LOL I have not seen that meme before but I LOVE it!!!

To get the image to render try ![](image_url)


Hey Jan! Our comment form is in markdown so to add an image, you'll need this syntax: ![alt text](image-url)


This dialog itself tells more about software development than the image posted (or intended to be posted).


I LOVE this one and have no idea how I've never found it before.

I'm a data engineer and this might be the best GIF I've ever seen for my job.



I know, this thread is old, but I just found it OK?

Here's what I see since I'm responsible for architecture:


office space

This is usually accompanied by a complete lack of any available resources to get the work done.


LOL great movie!!!

This is how it went for half the projects I wanted to do prior to us forming our SRE team. Now that we have an SRE team we can finally accomplish all those things we had been wanting to do forever!


Me in a startup to constantly try different stuff to learn by doing.


It's a startup and I'm managing App Development.
Backend, Frontend, designs, etc.
Now the fun part.
I am a fresher :)


That's me each day looking at new changes from junior developers in project


If this was with a movie name , I would say shutter island 😂😂.
I could not found that 'run!' scene gif to send here

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