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re: I've once wrote innocent looking code to invalidate the cache on module change, but who knew that this module been changed in the loop on API cal...

Oooof, Redis is always tricky! We once had an engineer do flushdb on one of our Redis databases to try and fix a bug. The missing caches in the middle of the day caused our site to be unusable so some of our bigger clients, it was a scramble to get it fixed. We have since put in place some safety features like read-only consoles and alerts for missing caches. As long as you are learning from these experiences then they are not a waste 😊


yep, so the awesome thing with Redis is an ability to pipe commands,
so the solution to my problem was collecting cache keys to invalidate and then in separate call
making a pipe command to redis to invalidate them in bulk.

pipe ftw :D

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