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It is all about the story, people want to hear a good story! This talk is what really inspired me to take a whack at speaking.

Couple ideas for getting started:

  • Definitely checkout local Meetups for speaking opportunities
  • Consider doing a lightening talk your first time.
  • If you have an opportunities to talk internally at your company, start there. I started out by giving a lot of presentations at my company, then graduated to Meetups, and eventually made it to the big stage at RubyConf.

Good luck!!!


(That video is great, by the way! Just watched the whole thing. Some great advice in there. Thanks for posting it!)


Hi Molly,

Thanks for the great advice! I just signed myself up for a lightning talk in a local pub for people to explain their PhDs in 10 minutes or less! Let's see if I can explain what dark matter is in less than 10 minutes... I think I'll do a few short talks like this first, as you suggested, before moving on to longer, more in-depth ones.



Yeah, lightning talks is also a good way to get started. Good luck buddy.

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