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Learning JavaScript

Marc Oller
I am a web developer with a background in philosophy and music production. I enjoy helping others and solving problems together. I also enjoy learning and developing my creativity.
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Since I finished a bootcamp almost two months ago, a lot has happened. I feel that I have learned a lot since then but I still need to learn much more, much much much more.

I have tried to go through the bootcamp's course contents in order and I have realized that my JavaScript knowledge is still a bit basic. For example, the different JavaScript methods are very powerful and allow to perform routine tasks easily and efficiently but I have just recently discovered them.

That's why I have dedicated the little free time I have to review and increase what I learned. During the bootcamp I had to do most exercises in a hurry and I gave up on some concepts, things that I didn't understand that I had to let go because I had to move fast. Also, the learn-by-doing approach can sometimes leave important gaps uncovered. For example, I learned how to do complicated but very concrete things for a particular project, but I struggle to write code for simple things now.

With time I realize that it is better to dedicate the necessary time to each particular aspect of the language only once in order to build a solid base from which to continue growing and adding knowledge. Learning JavaScript needs time, a strategical approach and lots of patience and practice.

It's hard to find good courses to learn in an organized way. I recently discovered a platform called Scrimba that I have loved. I find this site's unique way of teaching programming very interesting and so I highly recommend it. Finally, I have started to solve the Codewars katas. At first it is a bit daunting, but when I manage to solve the exercises alone it feels great.

I consider JavaScript to be my language for programming and it is extremely important to me that I have a good foundation to build on in the future.

The limits of practical applications that this language allows to create are hard for me to understand right now , there are so many possibilities. I feel like I want to learn a lot of different libraries to do a bunch of cool things but I guess I understood that it's still not the time. I will keep building on the basics and I'll eventually get there faster.

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