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re: How can you rate your skills as a percentage though? What is 100% in this scenario? How do you know how close you are to this mythical, theoretical...

Of course, this is problematic and not a reliable indicator.

But it is definitely better than a list of buzzwords:

Java, JavaScript, React, Angular

Do you know a better way to visualize skills?

Personally, as a programmer, I don't like visualisation in and of itself. It seems that whatever approach you use is still implying a visual ranking or relationship of skill proficiency based on size, colour etc. which brings with it the problems of measurement I described.

Maybe it's appropriate in the portfolio and/or CV of a designer. I'm glad you included a numerical value in a div for screen readers though :)

But listing things in order is my preferred approach. Added benefit on a CV is reordering items as necessary to appear a better candidate for different job roles. If it was my site I'd list them in order of proficiency and show an image of the technologies logo on the left.

Thanks for your explanation, sounds reasonable. I will think about it and maybe change it ;-)

Changed it based on your suggestion and I am very happy with the result:

Thanks for the helpful discussion!

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