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Discussion on: Do you need a State Management Library?

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Moisés Álvaro Blanco

In my humble opinion I use state management only if a way back of the data is needed, e.g. the user is filling in the data and the next step modify the provided data however the user could go back to review the previous data again, cart applications and similar or microfrontend (well here you will find a lot of discussions for and against using data sharing via microservices).
Summing up every application where the user could close the browser and log in again and we want to have ready all the data that was provided.
If we don't have these situations, we are adding extra effort for nothing when the browser and JS tools would be enough (LocalStorage, SessionStorage, Cookies, Cache, etc)
There is a tendency to add state management in every application because it is cool and the applications are overkill.

I hope it helps.