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NextJS Boilerplate

mohammadou1 profile image mohammadou1 github logo ・1 min read

I've gladly uploaded ReactSSR with NextJS boilerplate to Github

it contains many nice features to make it easier to start on your next NextJS project

if you don't know what is NextJS
it's react server-side framework that is very powerful

this boilerplate contains the following:

1- Multi-language support, RTL and LTR support.
2- Authentication HOC, to redirect visitor from protected routes and to prevent authenticated user from visiting pages such as login.
3- Reactstrap, Google analytics, SCSS, import from root, layout and locale switcher.

please feel free to suggest new features to add them.
Hopefully it will help you in the future.

didn't add any store management such as redux or mobx in case you wanted to implement your own. but might do that according to your suggestions.

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