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What are your favorite portfolio sites for devs?

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I'm looking for some portfolio site inspiration! I'd love to see your favorite sites by other developers or or even even your own site if you're happy with it.

My site is overdue for a refresh and the hardest part for me is always deciding on a design. It would be great to have some more ideas.

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My favorite so far is I like the way the content is structured, I like the dark theme, I like the monochrome color scheme and she has some really tasteful animations.

I don't love that you have to wait for a loading animation but maybe it's worth the impact of the site.


Loved this portfolio. What are tech stacks of this site. @monica saltar


Not sure, but her page has a link to the site's github that should give you some info.


I love the feel of this site and the design I love the feel of a terminal.


Bruno's portafolio is amazing!!!

Also Roby's portafolio, so colorfull, I loved it <3


After see , i asking myself if one day i really can do something look like this ...


I got overwhelmed looking for inspiration 😂 so in the end I went with simple


Ha, looks good!

Sometimes simple is a good call 👍 In the past I would get caught up in these Big Awesome Ideas and then burnout because I didn't know when to let it go lol


Lol Jack McDade's home page looks like the title of an action movie he stars in.


I recently redesigned my portfolio website to be more minimalist as it was very busy and ugly before. I'm quite happy with how it turned out!


Nice! I like your experience page, looks good and it's easy to see the important info at a glance 👍

I noticed you don't have projects listed like most people do, how come? Has anyone had an issue with that? Asking bc I might do the same, I'm not able to share my work projects from the last few years.


Thanks! Really appreciate the feedback

Honestly though, I don't know why I didn't add a projects page as my previous design had them. I think it's definitely good to include though if you do have them or are able to share them


My friends and I found that it took too long to build portfolio sites... so we teamed up and instead built a site that makes your portfolio for you.

Still under development, but here's my portfolio:


Helm is cool! as someone who does more casual side projects, it's a lot easier to build a portfolio here than doing a custom portfolio site. Seeing other projects is also helpful


I like your site, it's simple but the overlayed text, staggered callouts and font choices keep it interesting 👌


Thanks, I currently work on a polished version of it, with some font changes and improvements. I also want to leave the old CMS behind and build it more modern.

I think, I usually redesign my site every six months or something like that. 😅

I'm glad you liked it! I'm also pretty interested with what you going to come up with!(: - the site really invites you to play with the awesome visualisations. Great work from Amelia.


Nothing compared to all other awesome portfolios but here's another one


Holy, that is an experience. The fan in my laptop kicks into overdrive when I visit that site 😂


Well, we can say that you are a "fan" of my website :D

Omg take your like and get out of here lol


A bit of self promotion here, but I took inspiration from so many places to put together. Hope it inspires you too.


I recently came across James Long and he has a pretty neat animation on his site

But my overall favourite still is Jake Albaugh


What's up with all these loading/splash screens?
Are there any reason for this I am not aware of?

Nice collection, by the way.


Not so fancy, But a simple implementation if you like to take a look at my personal site.


My portfolio site frame work might give some good ideas for you 🖖

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