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None of the articles written on ASP are gaining attraction. Does this mean it is a dead stack?


Well I mean there is .net core now, and this was written several years ago - and even at that time MVC was a thing, and this is based in webforms.

I know webforms is still used, so I don't think it's dead by any means. But I wouldn't think there'd be too many new projects built with webforms, but that's just a feeling, no data to back it up.


I know was booming in 2012. I saw my friends learning and implementing it. I made wrong choices in those days, but now I have an opportunity to join a bootcamp where instructors believe core has a great future ahead.

Should I jump in or not? I do not want to make a wrong choice again. I have written about it here.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

I highly enjoy working with C#, and .net core offers C# on all the major OSes, so I mean, I'd say go for it! There's a pretty good market for it here, seems like anyway. And if nothing else, it's something else for your toolbelt! :)

Your words are exactly what the instructor said me. Thank you very much for the feedback. I highly appreciate it, and this will help me to redefine my career.

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