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Thanks, Ishini.
I started my blog Books on Code definitely trying to narrow it to a niche. I think a missing piece in this article is that the 'niche' is really the problem you are trying to solve for someone, and you can get to know your audience and refine your message over time.

I'm still trying to figure out what my audience is, but I'm forming a picture of the beginning developer who is looking for some guidance and structure while learning how to code. They are resisting the temptation to get sucked into a structured (but costly) bootcamp and want to feel empowered to gain mastery on their own or with a like-minded community.


Miranda, thank you very much for sharing your opinion and your own experience. Actually, audience really matters. Most of the bloggers find hard when figuring out their audience. From time to time, they find new methods and facts regarding the matter with audience.


Yes! I agree that audience really matters a ton.

One of the key important things about considering an audience is their needs and fears.

Yeah Miranda! It is important to consider audience's needs and fears. It is all about the audience.

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