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How do you define a React/GraphQL Senior developer?

mladenstojanovic profile image Mladen Stojanovic Updated on ・1 min read

I saw a job posting with this exact title "Senior ReactJS/GraphQL Frontend Developer"
Since major usage of React has significantly gone up in the past couple of years

not to mention GraphQL which is only starting to get hot, how would you imagine a person fit for this role?
For example, I have around 4 years of experience total, with last 2 of them working actively on React projects, and currently on a React/GraphQL project since last September. Am I technically fit for this "senior" role even if I am nowhere near that realistically? I know we should shoot for the positions even if we don't see ourselves fit for them, the job postings ask for everything etc. but let's imagine that they really want THAT person.

  • Is it a senior JS developer?
  • Is it a senior frontend developer?
  • Is it a core React/GraphQL team member, working on creating those technologies?
  • Is it a guy like me working on it for majority of that tech's relevant existence?
  • Is it someone else?

I am interested what you all think


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