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Oh boy. I remember when I have gotten the idea of my portfolio being a shell terminal where you could use cli to navigate around and access everything in a matter of seconds. This ended up not as great as I thought. I wanted it to be as light and fast as possible, so I wasted a full night making a "terminal emulator" that will fulfill my needs (everything else was very massive and bloated). Then I had an idea of of an optional "X session" you could start with a command and get an access to the "pretty" version of the site.

Then I have adopted the process of having my resume in JSON and building/publishing it in every imaginable format, instantly accessible from my "cli". Had some plans on getting my roadmap and other things there, but had work to do so it kind of hang up for a while.
Does this showcase my work? Nope. Can I show this at HR interview? Not really. Was it fun to build? Hell yes, and I still use it from time to time, just for the sake of sharing my contacts, giving my SSH keys to someone or cloning dotfiles.


And it's just as small as 11kb!


I expected ls to show me the contents but I had to use help to get that. Potential feature maybe?


Yeah, I actually had a lot of Unix commands baked in initially but I removed them because I didn't have the time to implement them properly. Well, it's time to commit, I guess!

Definitely, another cool instance of something similar would be the jobs page at repl.it


Yeah, I wasn't real sure what commands to even try. It might be cool to build in some custom functionality with a list of commands at the top. For instance, if you type $ projects and hit enter it shows a list of projects.

Yeah, when a user goes to the site they either work with the terminal or not. If they don't, worst case is they'll enter a random command and be greeted with the help message. But if they use the terminal then imo, the most intuitive command would be ls.

Agreed. That makes sense.


Oh gosh, when I have write 'about', my name at first shows up and I thought: Wow, getting some information about me xD ahuhaua (but then I have read the rest and... well, it was interesting).

Interesting portfolio


I LOVE this. Great work!


From the description I can't say I thought it would be very good but after clicking the link I found myself poking around for while and enjoying it. For the right audience it works – nice.


Wow looks great. I had a similar idea once for my friend. His name was subash (su bash). But i couldn't persuade him to make his portfolio like a terminal.


Oh my god, please do, with a name like this he MUST have a terminal portfolio.


Such a great idea. One problem I had on mobile was that my keyboard automatically capitalizes the first letter. Happening on Android. I don't know if this is a problem other people have.


Guess everything will have to be aliased out! 😉

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