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Great writeup! I love the diversity of css selectors until the point when you actually need to use them in production. One of my past co-workers once said:

"If you need more than 2 level deep css selectors in production app, you are doing it wrong."

When both front and back-end parts are working together on a healthy project following simple rules like BEM methodology or something else of a similar nature, you should not have to use complex selectors. I'm not saying that this should be taken as a fundamental truth, but speaking from my humble experience, that saves nerves for all the gears of the development machine.

And of course yes, you absolutely need to know this stuff. Simply, just try not to be forced to use it on a regular basis :)


I think you hit such an important point! When we implement something like BEM, complex selectors are really not needed. And that's probably better for performance as well. BEM is something I'm trying to utilize more of, not only does it avoid some crazy CSS selections but it's so much easier to follow the components. I just have to get use to the dashes and underscores 😝

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